contactless temperature measurement
and screening unit

T-PULSE-X, an accurate human temperature screening solution giving you the real measurements results

ThermoVSN thermal camera

and algorithms

When we attempt to measure the temperature of an object with a contactless device, we encounter several difficulties, mostly relied to distance between the device and the object, which decreases the measurement accuracy.

Our specialists have developed a technology allowing to obtain the most accurate temperature measurement results – T-PULSE-X – which combines both hardware and software parts, including various sensors, printed circuit boards and compensation algorithms.

T-PULSE-X allows to measure both human body temperature (while using a high-resolution thermal image) and human skin temperature, with different environment temperature.

The T-PULSE-X thermal camera is encased in a special aluminum case with glass panel, also designed by Swiss Biometrix.

t-pulse-x by thermovsn

Why use Face X with thermal camera?

In case of Covid-19 or other contagious diseases, especially in pandemic situations, it’s essential to protect public health. Not everyone decides to be vaccinated and in some cases, it’s extremely difficult to know if a person has the disease. One of the Covid-19 symptoms is fever, coming along with elevated body temperature – that’s where ThermoVSN can help.

Our devices are contactless and automated, so temperature screening is safe, you reduce the risk of infection and the workload of your employees. When you want to enter the workplace, a coffeehouse or sometimes public transport, temperature check can be required and performed by a staff member with a non contact infrared thermometer. With use of our technology, there is no need for a person to measure the temperature of crowds of people.

Furthermore, if a site requires to wear personal protective equipment, you can use our mask detection mode, which also helps avoiding a person to check if visitor wears a mask.

ThermoVSN units can be useful for Covid-19 risk assessment, however they are not medical devices: if user has elevated temperature, you can recommend them checking for other symptoms such as dry cough, loss of sense of smell or/and taste and more. Covid-19 test remains the main tool to detect the disease!