ThermoVSN as Intercom device

Briefly about Intercom

An intercom or interphone is an autonomous communication system that doesn’t depend on a public phone network.
An interphone or a door phone also stands for a device which is part of an intercom system, and is basically a terminal at the entry of a building. Interphones are mostly used in offices, factory halls and residential buildings.

In terms of subscriber capacity, interphones can be divided into:

  • single-channel, designed for communication between two subscribers
  • multichannel, designed to connect three or more subscribers

Intercom is designed for transmission of voice messages through a speakerphone or both voice and videostream with a speakerphone and a camera.

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol – was originally designed to make a signalling and call setup protocol support the same properties in an IP (Internet Protocol) based network as in standard telephones. SIP is the protocol used in Voice over IP (VoIP), as well as in multimedia and messaging over IP networks. SIP makes possible the seamless carriage of both PSTN (standard telephone) and video conferencing and messaging on an IP network.

When talking about Intercom, each end device (User Agent or UA) registers with a SIP server or IP PBX. The UA uses the account to make calls to other devices of the IP network with the help of standard IP network systems, e.g., DNS.

A simple diagram showing an example of Intercom with a doorphone is shown below.

intercom scheme

ThermoVSN Face X as interphone

Face X by Swiss Biometrix are multifunctional access control terminals and can be adapted to your demands. Besides their various readers (QR and barcodes reader, magnetic cards and badges reader) and facial recognition technology, they can be used at the door as an interphone.

They are equipped with a high-sensitive microphone with digital noise reduction, and a binocular (RGB+IR) camera with up to 30 fps frame rate, and can support SIP as well as WebRTC technology.

Face X devices have a rich interface and support:

  • RS-485
  • RS-232
  • Wiegand 26/34-bit

They also have a relay for electric door locks, and can be fixed to the wall.

Face X2 view and interface


  • Software developed in Switzerland by Swiss Biometrix
  • Software can be adapted to customer's needs
  • Support SIP and WebRTC
  • Integrate with electric door locks
  • Have multiple fixation methods
  • Have several access control features


Please, note the prices in our shop are not the final prices. A discount or a supplement is possible and depends on your order.


  • Provide intercom hardware and software
  • Customize the software on customer's requests
  • Provide all the information related to installation and connection
  • Advise on data security
  • Provide maintenance and support
  • Give a 2 years warranty


Swiss Biometrix is a Swiss technology project specialized in the development of software for small and large companies, for access control and management systems, as well as for tasks related to the advertising of goods and services.

Our head office is localized in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.