Biometric data is anything that relates to the measurement of people’s physical features and characteristics. In digital identity terms, this data is used to prove a person’s uniqueness and verify that someone is who they say they are.

What is Vision SDI?

In order to offer you the highest security level for your data, Swiss Biometrix signed an exclusive partnership with XSL Labs, company from Luxembourg committed to deploy a new tool that will allow digital identity to be tamper-proof and decentralized, based on blockchain technology. They are focused on Decentralized Identifiers (DID) called Secure Digital Identity (SDI), and on verified credentials which construct the basis of their identity solution. They intend to implement Interplanetary File System (IPFS) protocol to build a distributed system, where all the clients are equal, and “location-based addressing” is replaced with “content-based addressing”.

Through an ecosystem offering alternative services and its interoperability, SDI will integrate perfectly with all the solutions of an increasingly connected Web 3.0.

Swiss Biometrix are integrating the SDI technology by XSL Labs to their smart access control terminals. The combination of two technologic products will evolve into a new brand technology called Vision SDI.

Our companies will guarantee their customers a GDPR compliant method of authentication, keeping user’s personal and biometric data in the most secure way.

Available mid 2021

ThermoVSN Vision SDI and verifiable credentials

Example: e-ticket with use of QR code and biometric identifiers
Creation of 2 authentication factors

1. User buys the allowance to be present at the event on the website of the seller with their e-wallet by XSL Labs.

2. Seller provides them a payment ticket.

3. User sends the ticket and a picture of their face to the ThermoVSN online service.

4. ThermoVSN creates 2 verifiable credentials: one with the ticket which will be converted into a QR code, and one with the face which will be associated with the user as a ticket holder.
QR code and user biometric data (in this situation, user’s face features) consist a DID document or smart contract produced and verified by ThermoVSN.

5. ThermoVSN informs the seller on the creation of verifiable credentials (for statistics only, no private data shared).

6. ThermoVSN sends the user a QR code containing the information on their ticket which will be stored in the user’s SDI e-wallet by XSL Labs.

Authentication and access permission

7. User places the QR code with their ticket information onto the ThermoVSN terminal QR code scanner.

8. ThermoVSN terminal checks the QR code validity.

9. If QR code is OK, ThermoVSN asks user to place their face in front of its camera to perform facial recognition.

10. User places the face in front of the ThermoVSN camera to perform facial recognition.

11. ThermoVSN terminal checks if the user face corresponds to the biometric data associated with the concrete ticket holder.

12. If facial recognition results correspond to those associated with the user as a ticket holder, the ThermoVSN terminal allows the access to user.



  • Anonymity: with DID, we identify user as a wallet or event ticket holder, not as a concrete and identifiable person
  • Data encryption
  • GDPR compliant data protection
  • P2P data storage
  • SDI e-wallet supports digital currency
  • SDI e-wallet does not need third-party financial services
  • Contactless tickets checking
  • Appropriate for events requiring secured access
  • Appropriate for mass events
  • Fast and automated way of tickets checking
  • Integration with automatic doors or turnstiles
  • Employees' workload reduction