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ThermoVSN Frequently Asked questions

  • Is there a notification sent to me when triggered?

    Yes. In the ThermoVSN app settings you can turn on the alerts notifications which will be sent to your email.

  • Where is the data stored?

    Centralized option: the data is stored in the terminal or on your local computer/server that is connected to the same network. For security reasons, we suggest keeping all data within your own organization or on a server provided by Swiss Biometrix.

    Decentralized option: if using SDI Vision, there is no centralized data storage. All data is encrypted and secure.

  • Can I change the ThermoVSN settings?

    Yes. In the ThermoVSN settings you can turn on or off the modes you need such as face recognition, QR code scanning, IC cards reading, temperature measurement etc.

  • What are the differences between ThermoVSN and Chinese devices?

    • First of all, the simplest explanation is the measurements algorithms and mathematics behind of data you can see on terminal screen.
    • Secondly, according to IPVM, some Chinese access control terminals were banned in several countries due to violation of personal data storage. Swiss Biometrix follow the laws and guidelines regarding personal data protection – particularly GDPR.
    • Last but not least, having source code for all system component, Swiss Biometrix can adopt the system for any particular client needs if there is enough volume demand. For example we support already 3 different GUI designs and for any customer who order more than 100 units a separate custom GUI design can be offered as a complement.
  • Can I access the device remotely?

    Being in LAN with the ThermoVSN one can access embedded webserver of the device for remote access of the system for monitoring.

    In addition to that, the ThermoVSN application supports OTA (over the air) update by using any available network connection such as WiFi, mobile Internet or wired Internet.

    Fianlly, ThermoVSN support third party tools for remote management such as TeamViewer or similar.

  • Can I integrate it with my security door system?

    Sure! There are wide range of hardware interfaces one can use out of the box, which enables control of the most of all major maglocks and turnstiles. If you have a specific technical request, please contact us with technical details by email or give us a call.

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