ThermoMatic (HeleMatic + ThermoVSN Terminal bundle)

2'727.50 $3'382.10 $

Complete solution to ensure a high-quality experience for sanitizing hands and check body temperature in public places.


It owns a Face X unit and automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with a 10 liters tank ensures you do not have to re-fill often and the liquid never runs out, this saves you personnel and material costs.

Thermomatic serves full protection on consumer locations and promotes responsibility in a great looking minimalistic design. With a possibility to have your own branding on the machine, you’ll ensure a positive brand image.

ThermoMatic Logo by SwissBiometrix

Swiss Biometrix


Silver, Space Grey

ThermoVSN Face X

ThermoMatic X1, ThermoMatic X1L, ThermoMatic X2