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ThermoVSN Face X2 product is a complete set of sensors and readers for access control with rich gate interfaces, led light access control status indication and with full set of network connectivity interfaces as well as with the use of face recognition algorithms.
It can be equipped with a T-Pulse-X thermal camera and additional equipment creating different variations to grant access.

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Powerful and affordable, ThermoVSN Face X2 is a full and complete solution for access control with face recognition, accurate human temperature measurements and several wireless sensors such as QR code reader and microchip card reader.

THERMOVSN Face X2 models adopts RK3399 six-core 64-bit CPU, equipped with aluminum CNC case, IPS HD screen with multi touch sensor, wide dynamic binocular camera and most complete set of network communication interfaces.

It has enough power for face recognition tasks, QR code reader, IC card reader, and NFC reader. It has verity of hardware options for 24/7 stable and reliable operations, and it equipped to facilitate access control based on different recognition methods and scenarios.


Swiss Biometrix


None, Heimann HTPA 32×32, Dali 120×160