Types of Human Temperature

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Realizing the difference between skin temperature and a raised body temperature caused by fever is a key first step towards implementing a non-contact screening solution. Using thermal imaging cameras to detect elevated skin temperatures helps industrial spaces, government facilities, and small businesses safeguard the health of employees and visitors. Understanding the purpose of elevated skin temperature screening, recognizing its limitations, and capturing accurate measurements are elemental in returning to work safely.

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Viral diseases often trigger fever in humans, which raises body temperature as an immune response to infection. While all fevers elevate body temperature, not all increases in body temperature are due to an immune response. Body temperatures vary person to person and are easily influenced by physical activity, warm weather, and medication. While anticipating these variations is important, elevated body temperature remains one of the more telling signs that an individual may be fighting infection. When it comes to accurately measuring body temperature for medical purposes, a dedicated medical device, such as an internal thermometer, is required.

Elevated Skin Temperature (EST)

Skin temperature is primarily influenced by body temperature and is one of the most accessible indicators of an immune response. Like body temperature, skin temperature is influenced by environmental temperature, physical activity, and circulation. Infrared technology makes non-contact, socially-distanced skin temperature screening possible. Under the right conditions, thermal screening for elevated skin temperature is a fast method to detect individuals that may be experiencing an abnormally high temperature or fever.
The problem with these method of measuring your temperature is that it reach limits quickly. If people come from outside with cold or hot temperature EST method could measure false positives or false negatives.

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Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)

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The only accurate method to measure human body temperature is at the inner canthi, which are the inner corners of the eyes, near the bridge of the nose. Elevated body temperature (EBT) reliably indicates the presence of a fever.

Beware of Unproven Claims!

Many manufacturers and service providers claim to measure EBT but fail to satisfy the IEC standard and FDA recommendations. While fever screening checkpoints are not medical devices, they give businesses the opportunity to show customers, employees, and visitors that you care, and are putting measures in place to address their safety. If those measures are not accurate and reliable, it undermines the confidence of the people you want to reassure.