Basically, all ThermoVSN Face X access control terminals support facial recognition and can be used as intercom. They were first installed in the office of a construction company in Switzerland and had the doorbell intercom functionality.

In 2020, with arrival of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, more and more companies required their staff temperature screening – that’s why our developers have decided to integrate a thermal camera to the device. Some of our customers ordered ThermoVSN terminals for accurate temperature measurements in the era of Covid-19.

However, facial recognition, intercom and thermal camera are not the only features of our terminals. They have wide cards reading functions, QR codes scanning functions and can be readapted to your business needs.

Our software supports several modes able to be used simultaneously and depend on your staff or visitors roles (role-based access control).

Moreover, our tablets are based on Android OS which makes them understandable and user-friendly.

ThermoVSN Face X1 new design


girl with mask

ThermoVSN Face X terminals can be used with their thermal T-PULSE-X camera at the entry of any site which requires temperature screening.

Our devices also support mask detection algorithm.

Naturally, the other device features such as face recognition, QR codes scanner, badge reader, intercom or more remain available.


ThermoVSN Face X2 terminals can be placed in front of an entry of a building, a stadium, a concert hall, a theater, a railroad station and even at boarding gates to check the tickets.

Thanks to their QR and barcode scanning features, you can easily validate tickets, as well as grant access to registered staff using other features such as face recognition or badge reading.

Our Vision SDI option, developed in collaboration with XSL Labs, is also a way for tickets checking without a centralized data storage.


ThermoVSN Face X terminals can be placed anywhere to check the staff or visitors identity.

Staff members can use the badge and/or facial recognition. All user information is stored on your server or in decentralized way if you choose our P2P solution Vision SDI.

Moreover, you can opt for generating QR codes for your visitors and select the time at which the access can be granted, as well as to which persons.

Naturally, other features such as temperature screening can also be used.


Multiple scenarios are possible with use of our devices. Thus, you can use 2 factor authentication.

Let’s suppose the staff member must be authenticated both by face and badge. Their face has been recognized, but badge isn’t available.

The person uses emergency call to contact the administrator who checks their identity and grants the access.

case with call


If there are enough requests, we can provide you with other features you might need.







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